EHWA has become an international benchmark for success through our ability to quickly adapt to changing markets and diverse needs of our customers. We lead the way in applying the most advanced technology for manufacturing industrial diamond tools to provide the best possible solution to your needs. 

Since 1977, the industrial tool division of EHWA has been greatly expanding its world market share by establishing a world renowned reputation for high quality products, service and the best value in the industry. 

Our products are manufactured under strict process controls to ensure high product quality and consistency.

We are deeply committed to providing customers with the most competitive products and technical information available. Our success is measured by the success of our customers. 

• Construction / Stone BU : A complete range of diamond tools for construction and stone applications around the world

• Electronics Bu : Diamond tools for IC fabricatoin, flat panel display, LED and solar industries

• Precision Machining BU : High-precision diamond tools for various industries including automotive, aerospace, machinery, etc.

As of 2016, Seoul Viosys is a global LED specialist company with its sales revenue of about 300 billion won which belongs to the top class of LED market in the world. Approximately 4,000 patents lead the product market with differentiated technology, solidify the LED market, and provide LED products leading the current global sales network.


Founded in 2000, STC (Sapphire Technology Co., Ltd) have started manufacturing frist-ever sapphire Single-crystal in Korea. STC’s technology is the world’s first technology producing sapphire single crystal into a rectangle shape (VHGF technology – Vertical Horizontal Gradiant Freezing). With the hope for the future and the world’s best, we do our best to produce sapphire ingot for LED substrate through continuous research and development.

1. Sapphire Single Crystal Core & Wafer (2″, 4″, 6″, 8″)

2. Optical Wafer 

a) 2 inch double side polished sapphire wafer for camera cover lens and home button

b) double side polished wafer for smart watch and cover glass

ILJIN Display is a member of the ILJIN Group. As a specialist in IT components and materials. ILJIN Display is fully committed to the business of manufacturing IT Touch Panels and LED Sapphire wafers for the long haul.

1. Sapphire Single Crystal

1) Boule / Core : Orientation, Defect(Pore, Lineage), EPD, FWHME

2) Wafer : Diameter, Thickness, BOW, TTV, LTV, Ra

2. Cover glass

1) Dimension(Customer order), Defect

Since its foundation in 1968, ILJIN has been promoting localization and has been pioneering the tough road of glorifying Korea with technology. It started to open the chapter in parts and material industries by developing high value-added products such as power distribution fitting, copper-clad steel wire, industrial diamond, PCB elecfoil independently which had been relying heaving on the import. 

Due to high independence on import for core materials, despite its high export rate, Korean economy had its weaknesses. After apprehending the core problem, ILJIN started to break the existing wall and became the foundation of Korean industrial development and a role model. ILJIN, whom has been walking on a single path in solitude, is a true parts/material specialized company of Korea.

1. Synthetic diamond and CBN powder that is widely used in a variety of manufacturing processes such as Sawing, Grinding, Polishing

2. PDC products of ILJIN Diamond have excellent durability, wear resistance, impact resistance and thermal resistance, saving the total drilling time. 

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