Ulsan Technopark is the central institution of the regional innovative network that provides hardware such as research & development, pilot production, business incubation facility, and required support services for each stage of industrial growth with the cooperation of industry, academia, and research institutes with the purpose of regional industry development through technology innovation.


Osstem Implant, Korea’s first implant manufacturer, has become the pronoun of animplant brand which is known to more than 80% of Koreans. Based on sales, it is the No. 1 in Asia Pacific and the 5th in the world.

It sells products in more than 70 countries and operates local corporations in 24 countries. The growth of Osstem Implant has a positive impact on the development of the Korean dental industry. As Osstem Implant plays a pivotal role in the implant industry, Korea has changed its status as an exporting country and has become a globally recognized country in implant clinical practice. Osstem Implant has received strict quality certification from FDA, CE as well as major countries in the world and has been product and excellent technology research center. 

The company is expanding the technology and product development not only for dental implants, dental equipment, dental materials, and dental IT, but also for the fields that are essential for dental care and is making efforts to lead the development of the dental industry.

Dental Implant


As a government funded research institute, our object at KIMS is to comprehensively facilitate R&D, test and evaluation and provide technical support related to materials technology in order to promote innovative technology and industrial development. KIMS is promoting international collaboration in materials R&D through Signing MOU with global materials research institutes and attending the World Materials Research Institute Forum (WMRIF) as a Korean representative.

Low Modulus and High Strength Titanium Alloys


Founded in Korea in 2000, Dentium has grown to become the trusted manufacturer of high quality dental implant products and provider of related services for dental professional in worldwide.

Dentium is distinguished by a dedicated Research and Development Center that has partnered with leading clinicians, research institutions, and universities to develop the state-of-the-art implant systems that deliver remarkable results. Our full selection of products, ranging from surgical and restorative components to fixtures and regeneration materials, enable dental professionals to perform a great diversity of dental works quickly, accurately, and aesthetically.

Dental professionals may rely on Dentium for superb grafting and regeneration materials. Some of our most lauded  regeneration materials include collagen membrane, growth factor, and tissue engineering products. 

These offerings and much more are featured at our Annual Dentium Symposium and Clinical Case Presentation held globally, setting the benchmark for educational events in the industry.

As we seek new ways to enhance our services, we continue to meet highest standards of quality. We have attained ISO13485 and CE certification and the good manufacturing standards (GMP) set by national government agencies including the USFDA.

Orthopedic implant (lumbar cage)

– Metal 3D printed porous titanium lumbar cage

– Debris preventing surface (blasted)

– High biocompatibility

– rh-BMP2 loading capable double porous structure

– Improved strength by thermal treatment

Artificial temporomandibular joint

– Load dispersion by inclined screw

– Hollow structure to reduce scattering

– Reducing incision area (2 > 1)

– Fossa with PE replacement type


AminoLogics has been actively developing a wide range of amino-acid-based raw material through its chiral resolution platform technology, called ARCA, which was developed in 2009.

As the provider of unnatural amino acid and their derivatives, uniquely positioned to meet the needs of pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, we have constantly strived to develop value-added advanced raw materials in commercial scale with our focus innovation, creativity and technological advances.

Unnatural Amino Acids

Peptide API


AnyGen is a company for peptide APIs and custom peptide production as well as cosmetic peptide raw material with advanced formula. 

AnyGen provides high quality peptide biomaterial to the pharmaceutical and life sciences customer.

The company also researches and develops anti-cancer agent for head and neck; oral DDS development for paclitaxel anticancer; and neuropathic peptide pain-killer.

With over 15 years of technological experience and GMP facility for mass production, AnyGen helps customer advance their peptide drug products through all stages of the drug discovery, development and manufacturing process.

Peptide API

Custom peptide, Cosmetic peptide


EyeGene Inc. is a South Korea-based clinical stage biopharmaceutical. We currently have a novel therapeutic treatment (a novel mechanism different from VEGF targeting) in phase IIa clinical studies in the EU for the treatment of Diabetic Macular Edema in Non-Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy patients, and a candidate for pressure ulcers in Phase I/II in Korea. Our other areas of research include adjuvanted vaccines of which our HPV vaccine is currently phase II ready.

Recombinant Polypeptide API

Prophylactic Vaccines

RGD-motif containing recombinant polypeptide from human derived protein

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