LG Innotek is a global engineering service company developing key materials and components
for the industries of automotive, mobile, IoT, display, semiconductor, LED, etc. It is leading the
global market in such areas as camera modules, photomasks, and tape substrates, and also
preparing future business by developing automotive electric components and IoT components.
With the rapid innovation of consumer products in recent years, the importance of materials
and components applied to them is increasing. Going beyond simply being a materials and
components supplier, LG Innotek will continue to provide differentiated values to our customers
and do its best to make every customer a winner.

LG Innotek’s high purity silicon carbide powder is specially synthesized
to reduce impurities to extremely low level which can be used in
manufacturing next generation power devices, LED, and equipment
parts where any impurities can create problems.

– PCG series can be used in manufacturing semiconductor grade silicon carbide ingots used as the substrate materials for the next generation power devices and LED where any impurities can create problems. The particle size is typically controlled over 100 μm to meet the needs of silicon carbide crystal growth by PVT

– LP series are fine & high-purity silicon carbide powders to suit the material needs for high performance structural ceramic parts used in semiconductor and LED industries. The particle size is controlled below 3 μm for better sintering process conditions using high purity silicon carbide


POSCO is worldwide No.5 steel company which is in KOREA and No.1 Competitive Steel
Producer during 9 years(World Steel Dynamic). POSCO has pursued extending business from
steel to Energy and advanced materials. POSCO is facing a mass production of Li compound as a
raw material for Li-battery and already having a sale on cathod and anode material of Li-battery.
POSCO is involved in the WPM program for smart steel, ultra light Mg and SiC single crystal
material. POSCO will promot research results and new product and percuss demands of potential
customers through this global partnering event.

150mm 4H-SiC n-Type wafer Specification
– MPD[ea/㎠] : <1
– EPD[ea/㎠] : <5,000
– Resistivity[Ω·㎝] : 0.015~0.028
– Diameter[㎜] : 150 +0.0/-0.5
– Thickness[㎛] : 500±25
– Surface Orientation(4.0˚ toward)[˚] : <11-20>±0.5
– TTV < 10㎛
– Bow/Warp < 20㎛
– Ra < 0.15㎚

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